OGTHAGAWD Hops on a Jean Creme Beat for Lyrically Forceful Banger, 'On My Block' 

 Evan Dale // Oct 3 2020 

Dissecting the Nashville hip-hop scene never ceases to unearth a lot of heart and soul. And with one of the city’s most unique sounds comes OGTHEGAWD. It’s always something in the juxtaposition between his mellow, understated, effortless aesthetic and the hard-hitting, bass-heavy, proper Southern beats overtop which he brings it, that cooks up a special sound.


With producer, Jean Creme, On My Block is a long-gaited slap that brings a new Nashville identity to Southern trap. And that identity is one that merges heavy production with a lyrically adept force bringing levels to a hip-hop lane that always hits, but oftentimes lacks thought and substance. The result is a glimpse into what the future of bass-heavy, dance party, hip-hop concert intermissions sound like under the reign of a rising Nashville grip at music’s helm.


Keep an eye out for more not just from the Nashville scene, but from OGTHAGAWD in particular who has been part of a series of especially tough Tennessee standouts this year, like Brian Brown’s Journey & Michael Da Vinci’s Roid Rage.