Omar Apollo's Friends Gives A Glimpse into his Ridiculous Range

 Evan Dale // April 5, 2019 

Omar Apollo - Friends.png

The ever-experimental, instrumentally-nuanced, mellow pop star of exceptional vocal range and unending individuality, Omar Apollo has released a string of four singles in 3 months, all of which proudly own particularly unique auditory aesthetics only to be tied together with the tether of his indefinable talent. Friends, a gentle, comfortable folk acoustic track comes in stark contrast to the vibrant funk and sex of Ashamed which came out just a month prior. 


À la Dijon and the incredible release of his debut acoustic R&B project, Sci-Fi 1 earlier this year, Omar Apollo, his fellow paver of a new SoundCloud era designed by brash and stylistically unbound bedroom pop experimentalist, succeeds separately and equally in the lane with Friends, all the while bolstering the absurd range starting to become his signature.