Omar Apollo Switches It Up for Mellow, Emotional 'Kamikaze' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 6, 2020 

With his third single release of 2020, Omar Apollo dons his third hair color, and puts on an exhibition of his third stylistic exploration in tow. Juxtaposing Imagine U – an electro-quirky, lighthearted love song, and Stayback ­– a funk laden flex of his falsetto vocal range, Apollo explores his acoustically indie-rooted, mellow, and emotional foundations with Kamikaze. Downtrodden in its penmanship, and expectedly vibrant in its compositional uniqueness, Kamikaze is just the latest example of Apollo’s utter boundlessness. And even through the wide range, something so inescapably Apollo – something bold, relatable, and timelessly nuanced – drives Kamikaze to its core.


More mellow in his vocal explorations with this single, Kamikaze is instead highlighted by a cool, collected aesthetic that feels directly pulled from introspective summertime bike rides, and an emotional space all of us have found oursleves in at one point or another during the half-year of relative isolation – isolation that Omar Apollo divulges as more of a tales from the road kind of diary entry.


Keep an eye out for more from the emerging superstar as he continues to explore no only his own musical range, but that of music at large.