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Omar Apollo Returns En Route to Debut Album with Funky Dynamic 'Stayback'

 Evan Dale // Aug 8, 2020 

Omar Apollo - Stayback.jpg

New hair. New sound. Same Omar Apollo. The unpredictable neo-funk savant is back with another expectedly unexpected jam, Stayback that feels as though it could have been plucked out of 1980, 2020, or any year in between. He’s got a sound that’s just that timeless, and that timelessness is tethered to his name by a slew of different innate stylistic abilities: silky vocals highlighted by pops of emotive falsetto; a wavy guitar that refuses to settle for anything less than status as a modern rock god; all-around composition from he and his band that leaves them on the path for undeniable greatness in a period not defined by genre or epoch, but by the ability to transcend it all.


Stayback is a lust-laced romance anthem that bleeds of slappy bass, juxtaposed by Apollo’s seemingly endless upper register. So, in a time where maybe it feels as though true romance is dead, just turn it on, and turn on.


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