Onoe Caponoe's Blood Moon (City Hunt) is a Violent Composition

 Evan Dale // Mar 13, 2019 

Mellow and moody to the core, UK hip-hop experimentalist, Onoe Caponoe vivaciously attacks his new single, Blood Moon (City Hunt) leaving listeners with a whole lot of angst and a whole lot of artistically-inclined curiosity about what they just heard. Set in bounds of stages and momentum shifts, Blood Moon (City Hunt) comes together feeling like a 5-minute composition more than it does a hip-hop track. Overtop a subdued string and bass-heavy beat, Onoe Caponoe shows why he’s one of the more intriguing artists in the UK futurist scene. Driven by intensity and storytelling, he shines amongst production that would swallow other lyricists whole, allowing the entire track to adjust and evolve throughout, always calling home to its repetitive and addicting chorus. 


The track is also accompanied by a dark and psychedelic set of visuals, and precedes his forthcoming album, Surf or Die.