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ONUR Exhibits Wide Range & Peak Falsetto with A Millennial Rhapsody

 Evan Dale // April 20, 2019 

ONUR - Beautiful Time.png

London’s highest falsetto, ONUR has been on our radar for a little while. His modern take a merged world between R&B, soul, and electronic doesn’t quite sound like anyone else in music at the moment. With the 2018 release of his R&B anthem, I Don’t Know Why I Fall In Love, he struck a chord with an audience appreciative of the smooth and sensually nuanced. And en route to his new project, A Millennial Rhapsody, he found an even wider fan base with the poppy, positivist Beautiful Time. 


Though only three tracks, A Millennial Rhapsody is a brash and wide-ranging exhibition of just what it is that ONUR is capable of. Still heavily keystoned by the explosiveness of Beautiful Time, two new tracks, Move Too Soon – a funk-strewn, electronically experimental jam à la Chet Faker’s signature – and A Millennial Rhapsody – the EP’s titular, intense middle child – round out a certain favor for a particularly electronic route. With a vocal delivery as unique as they come – one that finds him placed among the elite of modern neo-soul – and a knack for production rarely so well-established, it sees that ONUR has a lot of options to traverse moving forward. 


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