ONUR Caps 2019 with a Poppy Exclamation Point, What U Do 

 Evan Dale // Dec 29, 2019 

ONUR - What U Do.jpg

UK pop vocalist, ONUR did a lot with 2019. A debut EP and a handful of singles including his latest, What U Do narrowed an image of what his future may hold. And the accompanying videos for some of those tracks, again including What U Do gave a personal touch to his growth.


What U Do is an upbeat, anthemic pop single that does a great job of rounding out that end of his creative spectrum. Where other tracks like I Don’t Know Why I Fall in Love shine his voice under an experimental neo-soul light, his more middle-grounded crowd pleasers are what is truly driving his appeal as a young artist. And of those, What U Do is a great exploration and exclamation point on what has been a breakout year.