Otis Junior & Dr. Dundiff have The Touch with first Single since Cool

 Evan Dale // June 10, 2019 

Otis Junior & Dr Dundiff - The Touch.jpg

Transcendent neo-soul, R&B, jazz, and funk duo, Otis Junior & Dr. Dundiff are one of the more unique acts in any of the fields their music might be assigned to. Always fit with clean, bouncy key strokes and jazzy drums, Dr. Dundiff’s underlying instrumentation lays the foundation for the low register of Otis Junior to breathe of unending love, emotion, and romance. Together, they’ve got the touch. Just listen to their latest single.


The Touch is their first release in the wake of 2018’s acclaimed Cool, their third collaborative project and third staple to the greater neo-soul tradition. It would seem they haven’t lost a step and continue to churn out timeless, undeniably danceable hits time after time. 


Can’t wait to see what’s next.