It never fails to be a ceremonious occasion when at this juncture in music history, Anderson .Paak releases a new track. On the assumed verge of releasing a follow-up album to Malibu – the project that launched him into a pinpoint position as king of the indefinable hip-hop, soul, funk, rock multiverse - .Paak has been blessing us with a slow trickle out of expectedly high-energy and higher-quality music.


The most recent of which, Bubblin, accompanied by a comically written, flawlessly creative video, is as unexpected, genius, and bouncy as anything he has ever put out. Pulled together by enough hectic symbolism and presumptuous statement making to quench our thoughtful minds in the wake of This is America, Bubblin is above all else, a great track that pulls the music world into a state of collective bated breath for what’s to come. 


In the meantime, it should suffice as a keystone anthem track to any celebratory, early summer occasion.