Excited is an understatement when it comes to talking about Anderson Paak’s new single, ‘Til It’s Over – his first solo release since 2016. Time changes everything, you just hope that change comes as growth. And through the past year or more, fitting himself with a heavy workload of collaborative efforts far and wide, Anderson Paak seems to have grown the most from his 2017 joint project Yes, Lawd, with producer Knxwledge. The entire project, notably due to Knxwledge’s influence, has a stronger electronic feel than Paak’s prior albums – Malibu or Venice, and as such a prolific and talented artist, Paak flexes this newly acquired electronic skill on his new single – a strong and intriguing release for an artist with so much ahead of him in 2018


Anticipated is an even heavier understatement. When it comes to the list of projects the music scene is expecting in 2018, Anderson Paak’s third studio album, and his follow-up to breakthrough project, Malibu, is at the top of that list. If ‘Til It’s Over tells us anything about Paak’s upcoming project, it sounds like we’re in luck. Not only is the new single a playground for his electronic experimentation, it’s also an exhibit of the things we’ve come to love and admire most about him. Unique, soulful vocals, smooth, crisp flow, and meaningful, poetic lyricism is laid over the entire track in classic Paak fashion.


Looks like strawberry season has come around. 

Unfortunately, the song is currently only available via Apple Music. So if you have a subscription, follow the link below.