For everyone out there in the Northern Hemisphere perhaps being suffocated by a particularly long winter, Southern California hip-hop trio, Pac Div, has just what you need. Their new album, 1st Baptist, is just a the right kind of hot not only to ignite within you warmer thoughts and more summery vibes, but also to turn your direction towards the ridiculous amount of talent currently flooding the West Coast scene. 


Lyrical ferocity and a chip on their collective shoulder is balanced by an underlying sense of humor and the cool, unapologetically Southern California production bleeding of synth chords and hard drum patterns. The finished product is a well-balanced album that takes its listener from the beach bonfire to the afterhours pool party, ensuring the whole way that Pac Div not be forgotten in the late Spring heat, because as Summer comes, 1st Baptist should find its way into all of our warm weather playlists.