There is a great deal to be considered painfully and relatably romantic in South London soul songstress, Paige Bea's newest deliverable, Your Echo. But above all else, a consistency of missteps, of failures, and of romantically destructive decision-making drives its thematic direction, while a series the exact opposite drives its strength and remarkable prowess for an artist with such a small collection. 


It's not particular sadness or regret that Bea's vocal delivery and the track's overarching productive vibe bring to the table. It's instead something rarer in the approach of ballads, though realistically more common in the aftermath of fallen love. What comes clearly into focus is Bea’s subtle anger and a touch of humor. Listening is like taking a step back and viewing our own relationships through a lens not built of romantic expectation.


It’s that emotional capacity that is driven straight into the heart of Your Echo with Bea's unseasonably steady hand. And that is the true power not just of this release, but of her youthful canon's minimalist entirety.


Paige Bea is a young artist from South London who, like so many others from the hotbed of soulful and jazzy rebirth, has an approach undeniably so. And yet, like so many artists we've covered from South London, she is so unlike anyone in almost every way. An expectedly unexpected explosion of vocal prowess in combination with jazzy and electronic production is certainly one way to describe her sound. But to do so would be relatively unjust in comparison with just how unique she, along with the others each a piece of the burgeoning UK neo-soul and modern jazz scene, really are.


There is something darker, grimier, more brutally realist about her particular sound - especially evident in her vocal range and oftentimes poignant lyricism. Above all else, her sound is defined by emotional relatability and maturity.


Be on the lookout for Bea. With a more consistent rate of release and the continued growth evident enough at this point in her career, there is no ceiling to where her talent may take her as a key player in the continued climb of London, of neo-soul, of jazz, and of the musical transcendence of style beginning to define modern music.