Pell Emerges for Spring with Fun-Loving, Humorous Bitch Ass

 Evan Dale // Mar 25, 2019 

New age New Orleans hip-hop artist, Pell never fails to incorporate a certain sunshiny energy into his music, which makes his latest single, Bitch Ass, a perfect anthem for the first few days of Spring. Overtop a layered beat of playful strings and vocals, Pell delivers a surprisingly warm and positive track not to be expected from its title, but almost always to be expected from the artist himself. The track’s vocal breakdown near its close brings to mind comparisons to Kid Cudi – something that has long defined Pell’s career – and long given his music a transcendental type of feel that’s becoming increasingly valued in a modern hip-hop scene measured by an artist’s ability to do much more than rap. 


Bitch Ass comes as Pell’s first release of the year after a late 2017 and an entire 2018 that delivered an EP, Girasoul along with a healthy collection of diverse singles. Hopefully, this is all working towards something larger in the near future.