Nashville's PETTY Channels Tupac for Emotional Protest Anthem, 'CHANGES' 

 Evan Dale // June 3, 2020 

Songs calling for societal change, and those addressing systematic racial suppression are nothing new for Tennessee, hip-hop, or the black community at large. The creators of American culture with the longest struggle for civil liberties, expression through cultural mediums has long been an educational, uniting tool for black communities. From the Southern bedrock of contemporary music and the longstanding sociopolitical struggles of race, to Tupac Shakur and the modern hotbeds of loud and proud African American cultures throughout the United States, music has prevailed as a most tangible, least deniable voice.


Rooted in the South, the struggle, and one of Tupac’s most outspoken songs comes a new addition to hip-hop’s storied space as a tool for social awareness and statement. From Nashville, PETTY pleads for the CHANGES he doesn’t see, and adds to the catalogue of black artists and black culture using their pedestals for change. The track is somber, detailed by PETTY’s always present and powerful lyricism. The track is uplifting, calling for the necessary fight back. The track is powerful, honestly taking note of how little has changed during PETTY’s lifetime and calling for energy to the current movements taking hold across the globe; energy and unrest should police brutality and racism ever cut his own life short.


And though it’s difficult to focus on music at a time like this, it’s important to understand just how powerful it can be in continuing the ongoing fight and instilling the importance and beauty that black Southern culture has granted the world for hundreds of years. So, bump CHANGES, get motivated, get out there, and make some.