PETTY Slows it Down and Preaches Life Lessons for Melodic 'Dedicate' 

 Evan Dale // Aug 20, 2020 

With a hypnotic dose of melody, Nashville’s PETTY couples his signature knack for poeticism with something a little softer. Dedicate rides a jazzy yet low fidelity wave of B. Strokes production that allows PETTY to flow in and out of the rapped and the sung towards an eventual result that feels so very summertime sorrowful that it begs for a bike ride, some introspection, and a sunset beer (or maybe a couple sips of Crown).


But, it’s more than an emotional exploration, PETTY’s lyricism is as it usually seems to be: a landscaping paint brush to immerse listeners in his dictionary and simultaneously his diary. With a cadence that waterfalls its way to the subtle lesson in each and every line, the Nashville rapper encapsulates the attention of anyone listening, and lets them leave a little wiser. And if that ain’t the true beauty of Southern hip-hop’s roots, call me petty for thinking so.