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The Philharmonik Releases Anarvhy Anthem, 'The Government'

 Evan Dale // Sep 13, 2020 

The Philharmonik - Transcendentalism.png

Expectedly, necessarily anti-systemic, The Philharmonik is – like he’s always done – using the power of his pedestal to speak his peace and push for ultimate change. The Sacramento transcendentalist not only defies stylistic orientation with each and every delivery – channeling funk, rock, soul, R&B, and more – but likewise blends music and art with sociopolitical messaging. And by those measures, the work he makes is timeless.


But by other measures, The Government – released on September 11 – is nothing if not timely. His latest single en route to forthcoming album, Transcendentalism, is as fiery, thought-provoking, and well thought-out as would be expected from a socially motivated artist that in 2018 delivered minimum wage anthem, Fuck You, Pay Me. The Philharmonik has since that moment, with the release of his self-titled debut, been a voice for the people. And now, as the people suffer even more than in that moment, and have taken to the streets to exhibit their dismay, he’s here to soundtrack the toppling of the patriarchy.


The Government is a blendaline work of post-genre genius that few artists in modern history have boasted the musical chops to compose. And yet, its true power lies in its words and in its energy, so to digest its full scope, simply listen and be inspired.


Fuck the government.


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