The Philharmonik Channels Funky Timelessness with Lost in Translation 

 Evan Dale // Mar 3, 2020 

Sacramento multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, rapper, vocalist, and producer, The Philharmonik’s long description is telling of his wide range. Whether he’s dabbling in funk, soul, or hip-hop, he’s doing it without the constraints of time. His 2018 self-titled debut album is a timeless exploration of range, and since, his singles, as rangy as they may be, are tethered together with the underlying draw of smooth vocals, downright danceable funk, and an unapologetic desire to make statements socially, politically, communally, or simply musically.


His latest, Lost in Translation, adheres more to the latter thematic discourse, delineating what the age-old expression has always meant for relationships sans communication. And though a little on the disheartening side of loss, Lost in Translation rides an expectedly funky, warm beat, layered with a lot of bass and keyboard that make the whole thing feel like a grand George Clinton production done modern. 


And with the inclusion of his silky tone on the chorus and his undeniably emotive lyricism throughout, Lost in Translation is yet another modern funk classic from one of the most underrated musical savants of our generation.