Play Nice Enlist ESTA for Bouncy Hip-Hop Centric Single, 'Drnk' 

 Evan Dale // May 31, 2020 

Play Nice’s collaborative train keeps on moving, off its rails and in free range only constrained by the breadth of their collective creativity – which really pays no service to constraints at all. The internet collaborative, founded in quarantine blues, but reaching experimental highs with each new delivery, is here with their fourth single, Drnk. And expectedly, the hip-hop centric track is unexpected in nearly every way.


This time folding in the inventive, lo-fi genius of ESTA for the track’s foundation, Drnk’s beat sets the tone for a bouncy, meditative few verses and a hook that bring to mind memories of Monte Booker directed rap shorts. It’s mellow, yet energetic in its lyricists' flow. It’s upbeat yet grounded by the tactile emotion in ESTA’s silky production. More than anything, it’s another new single, with another new direction from one of quarantine’s brightest spots: Play Nice.