Play Nice's 'I Do' Exhibits Doing More with the Lo-Fi Less 

 Evan Dale // July 1, 2020 

In the sphere of the sonically downtempo and the emotionally downtrodden, indefinable internet collective, Play Nice excel with I Do. The subtle soul ballad is as explosively melancholy as it is simplistically inventive, never reaching above the harmonized spell of a hook that breathes of its title; never slipping beneath the impeccable quietness with which I Do’s entirety is painted in tones of blue. It is the kind of meandering musical exhibition that defines the quarantine-birthed project at large – the kind of track that need not be defined in terms of aged stylistic expressionism, but instead outlined by the emotional evocation it allows during a time of necessary moments of introspection.


For that and for the creative’s grandiose and wide-ranging leanings, Play Nice continue to prove themselves a marked start to something new and beautiful at a time that so much old destruction is being brought to light.