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Internet Collective, Play Nice Release Hip-Hop Forward Summer Jam, 'MariaMaria'

 Evan Dale // June 30, 2020 

Play Nice - MariaMaria.png

From the hip-hop nuanced corner of their seemingly endless experimentalism, internet collective, Play Nice continue their mosaic of releases with the poetic MariaMaria. The track rides an impossibly fluid beat that meanders between soft chords and hard bass lines, allowing RNDYSVGE & Zilo to dive in headfirst on melody and raps that sounds as though they could have only come from at least four artists, not two.


But that seems to be the beauty of their collaboration. Between the ever-expanding number of creatives involved in the emerging Play Nice spectrum, a fountain of influence and inspiration continues to push all artists involved in directions that they perhaps haven’t explored in-depth before, but are now doing so with ease and creative explosion. Both RNDYSVGE & Zilo hone segments of the two-minute short where melody or flow come first, and not a moment is wasted from either. Another predictably unpredictable delivery from quarantine’s brightest creative spot.


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