Play Nice Look Forward, Listeners Look Inward with Soulful 'Myself' 

 Evan Dale // June 7, 2020 

Again and again. With their sixth single since their founding in the roots of quarantine’s starting point, internet collective, Play Nice slow it down with the melancholy, funk strewn Myself. As the pandemic has evolved into focusing on a pandemic of a different kind, there couldn’t be a more important time for a look inward, and the soulful tones and tempered emotion of Myself inspires exactly that line of action, through that line of emotion from the artists involved.


For their part, J. Robb, Zilo, & Bowtye bring together an instrumentally founded Neo-Soul ballad brimming with emotional prowess and introspective direction. Hand-in-hand with the myriad directions Play Nice have taken their overarching sound to this point, Myself is perhaps their least meandering, most classically directional soul single to date. And, like the rest of their emerging aesthetic, Myself is worth the time of any fan curious what the future of music might sound like; any fan with an affinity for the black root, black flower of all modern music.