Play Nice Continue to Evolve Musically, Socially with Introspective 'Stuck Inside' 

 Evan Dale // June 6, 2020 

‘From the internet, with love’ read the unwritten footnotes of Play Nice’s music.


The digital collective, founded at its inception as a playpen for the musically & artistically inclined to continue their craft quarantined by a global pandemic, now find themselves creatively meandering the complicated realm of two limelight crises. Sure enough, they meet the moment(s) with yet another delivery, Stuck Inside.


The funky, experimental duet between vocalists Tay Iwar & Zilo rides an emotional series of waves – lyrically and vocally. And with the instrumental and productive collaboration of J. Robb, Bowtye, and Insightful, the track comes out so wide-ranging in its influence, that it doesn’t sound quite like anything else out there – not even from Play Nice’s emerging canon itself.


Somewhere in the coalescence between funk, soul, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, and electronic, Play Nice continue to defy stylistic delineation, and make statements on the grandiose wave of social happenings with each coming track. Particularly aimed at the BLM Civil Rights movement, Insightful’s cover artwork and the underlying tone of the song soundtrack the challenges society – and music – is meeting head on.