It only comes in at something like 16 minutes, but Poppy Ajudha’s debut EP, FEMME, is one of the most powerful projects that we’ve gotten to listen to in quite some time. The jazzy South London vocalist has been making waves of late, and for good reason. In a world where R&B, soul, pure instrumentalism, and jazz seem to be gaining constant favor on global tastes, an artist who exists as something of a beautiful mosaic of all those styles, is sure to blossom.


And blossom is just what Ajudha has done with FEMME. An exciting artist to watch since she first appeared several years ago, Ajudha nourished her career in 2017 with a handful of attention-grabbing singles that exhibited her unique take on soul, jazz, and art in general. From there, she has successfully crafted a bold, strong project that adds more music and excitement to her career canon and sets her up poetically for a 2018 and beyond that we can only hope to be filled with more of her incredible sound.


Peace, love, and poppies.