Queenie Lasoul's Before The Getaway Shines, Who Got the Vibe Tribute to New York Hip-Hop - Sparkles 

 Evan Dale // Aug 19, 2018 

It’s easy to forget just how broad the modern soundscape is, and then you take a Sunday stroll through the streaming universe. The diversity of music extends far past an endless sea of artists to a finite point where today’s creators are constantly diverging from their own sounds. The result is blissful indefinability.


Even over the course of a 20-minute EP, the right wide-ranging artist has the opportunity to display an insane spectrum of influence and direction, collecting as a firmly-founded, but seemingly shuffling bunch of sounds and styles. Today, that right artist is Queenie Lasoul. Unsure whether to refer to her as a rapper / lyricist or a singer / songwriter, we’ll just stick with the broad-based artist. Or maybe poet. 


And even throughout that broad base – throughout her 7-track project, Before the Getaway– nothing is lost in quality or intrigue. Regardless of stylistic direction, Queenie Lasoul details her artistry with equal gusto. Before the Getaway is a bold exhibition of a modern artist’s ability to create freeform of genre while somehow holding true to an underlying something blended of Brooklyn’s past and Atlanta’s future, tethered by a soulful vocal range and funk-modern driving force.


From bubbly takes like the EP’s opener, Rolled Passed to tracks more fitting of an R&B label like You Don’t Know; From the experimentalism on display in Green Light Go to the grassroots ability to rap highlighting Soul Drop, Queenie Lasoul is, in a word, dynamic. 


Her incalculable range aside, Who Got the Vybe steals the show. The unapologetic tribute to New York hip-hop should be considered one of the best since the Golden Age and Gangsta Rap eras passed.


Be on the lookout for more from Queenie Lasoul. Maybe a Getaway is next on the docket.