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Only in rare moments do tracks appear with the catchy kind of bounce perfection that drives Qveen Herby's SADE IN THE 90's. Until you've heard the anthem of vibrant exuberance and the fabulousness in it that should drive all of our truest, innermost, underlying egos, it's hard to in any way, shape, or form grant it proper definition. 


So, do the track the justice it deserves, and listen to it in its entirety. Then, come back to this writeup.


The track's true genius, in our humble opinion, comes from its indefinable point of stylistic approach - so for ease, let's just call it popular, retrofutiristic Rhythm & Soul hop. But the uselessness of categorization aside, SADE IN THE 90's is much more than just a transcendent track. It inspires self-worth, confidence, and more than anything, an insane amount of bubbly, summery energy, making it the perfect exclamation point to round out those warm weather vacation playlists. 


Qveen Herby's careful, meditated style is at the end of the day, about two things: confidence and glamour. Both are struck to perfection and in full display, so turn up the fuckin' volume and become the best possible version of yourself. 

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