Qveen Herby Blesses Us All with Three Ignorant Royalty Vignettes

 Evan Dale // Sep 2, 2019 

Qveen Herby - Vignettes.jpg

Sometimes a taste is all you need. But that’s not the case with Qveen Herby’s Vignettes. The trio of short glimpses is yet another from the prolific music and style icon on the rise, but it’s still not enough for our thirst to be quenched. A new project; a new wave. And Qveen is on her ignorant royalty for this one. Without a track coming near two minutes, the project is probably a sign that there’s plenty more in the making. But that doesn’t mean it feels like filler. 


All three tracks, S.O.S., Strange Dreams, and Mademoiselle are high-energy, fast-cadence displays of her knack at modern absurdist hip-hop. An ideal like into one lane of an artist with many, Vignettes lives up to its name and begs for more.