R&B futurism and neo-soul find only harmony and graceful experimentalism in the UK. The scene, seemingly leading every stylistic directive, is home to some of the most innovative and bold artists across the spectrum, but the vocally-dominated traditions in juncture with Britain’s long-standing electronic circuit, have merged at their crossroads with more gusto than any blurred artistic space elsewhere. 


Sitting comfortably at that crossroads in a throne carved of bouncy synth strokes, layers of soulful vocalism, and heart-stirring lyricism is East London Aphrodite, Rachel Foxx. Her June EP, FLAME, is a strong, innovative release fitting right in line with her biennial pace of EP’s and her explosive creative growth. FLAME’s 7-track, 20-minute run length is a funk-driven series of storylines that unfold like some sort of futurist take on 90’s R&B meets George Clinton instrumental warping, and to be honest, we’re addicted. 


We also hope that more is to come in the near future, particularly in light of the current neo-soul and R&B scenes bubbling from underneath London’s floorboards, where Rachel Foxx should find her way to the forefront.