Freedom seems to suit Raury well. The Atlanta creative and leader of the youthfully-minded recently broke through – broke through the restrictive bounds of a modern recording contract, the painful ties of societal norms, the unproductive locks of creative expectation – only to emerge the purest version of himself. On the heels of his explosive rebirth taking the form of The Woods – a 22-track construct of independently produced records – Raury continues his personal, spiritual, and creative exploration with newest single, BEFO’ I’M 25.  


It’s a mellow sort of discussion sur the nuances of lifestyle expectations and decisions pre and post one’s quarter-century marking. But more importantly, it’s a spirited and inspirational track oozing of undertone poeticism and expectedly deep messages of self-love and ageless-isms. Highlighted by delicate string production and inklings of Raury strumming away at an electric guitar, it is another welcomed artistic undertaking by an artist redefining the very nature of artistry in the modern world. 

Learn more about Raury's path to freedom in our editorial on The Woods below: