Reclusive Raury Resurfaces for Understated, Ambient JUANITA 

 Evan Dale // Nov 29, 2019 

Raury - Juanita.jpg

Reclusively inventive artist and fighter for all things musically good, experimental, and righteous, Raury is back with a new single, JUANITA. It’s not that new music from him is necessarily rare. He’s made a point for giving his listeners the truth and the unpolished – oftentimes in huge doses like 2018 loosie collection The Woods, but what he releases is always unexpected, nonetheless.


With JUANITA, Raury takes the down-tempo, hi-fi Trip-Hop route of understated production and muffled vocals. The result – per Raury’s signature – is an emotional composition that walks the line between hip-hop and ambient electronica. And again, per Raury’s signature, the experimental JUANITA is emotive, mysterious, and yet suffices in quenching his fan base’s thirst for more from one of the most limelight ducking, spiritually in-touch artists in music today.