Raveena Drops New Single, Headaches & Teams up with Hitomi Mochizuki for Video 

 Evan Dale // Jan 30, 2020 

R&B flower child of all things sexually progressive and emotionally in-touch, Raveena has become a necessary force of all things golden-hour, tolerance, and soul. The Brooklyn-born songwriter and vocalist plays the part of the softest nuanced, most warm-hearted, yet staunchly strong standing artist in all of R&B and Neo-Soul. Her 2019 debut album, Lucid solidified her place as one of music’s most exciting young artists.


And now, to begin 2020, she’s back with her first single since the project, Headaches. Another instrumentally founded ballad of love and effervescence, Headaches is a two-part composition, one part guitar-founded and forward; the other jammy and primed for a rooftop at sunset.


To bring the creative spectrum of it full circle, Headaches is accompanied by a self-directed video featuring her and model/yogi, Hitomi Mochizuki enjoying the kind of atmosphere that Raveena’s music always brings to mind.