New York Rhythm & Blues heroine, Raveena has a voice addicting as the sugary substances so often finding themselves the thematic framework of her creative prowess. And her most recent offering, Honey, expectedly delivers more of the same. 


The silky track checks all of her boxes. A smooth, traditionalist R&B production; a clinic on her one-of-kind vocal delivery; a provocative stream of lyricism that ties it all together and reads like a classic novella of romantic poetry; an auditory aesthetic that feels as warm and fuzzy as the Polaroid-inspired imagery eternally emblazoning her videos and album artwork. 


But to all who may have some misguided view of the R&B sphere, don't misconstrue her talent. Raveena isn't some pusher of over-sexualized baby-makers. A proponent of romance in music - the sonic love story - sure, but more importantly, a fiercely unique artist putting out a consistent flow of emotionally-evoking and relevant-as-ever love songs. The video for Honey and presumably much of the inspiration behind it was to exhibit beauty and love in all its many forms, not simply the ones so classically delivered to our catered tastes. 


And if we're meant to be completely honest, few if any artists today, even amidst the unending sea of talent currently flooding soul and R&B, possess her truth. Something about her music delivers in the heavy-hearted and completely unfalsified manner of history's great romantically-inclined songwriters. The type of artists whose music is able to seamlessly bridge the gaps between a night out, a night in, a summer day, and a winter lust. And she does it all while using her platform for openly motivated social activism. 


The most incredible part is that she's only just getting started. Check out Honey, and be on the lookout for much, much more from Raveena. The future of R&B is in her hands.