Raveena Compiles Soft Psychadelic EP, Moonstone 

 Evan Dale // Feb 7, 2020 

On the heels of a single release, Headaches, Brooklyn-based R&B soulstress, Raveena pulls in three additional tracks for a new EP, Moonstone. The collection of songs are taken from the original recording sessions towards her 2019 debut album Lucid, but as expressed on her Instagram, ‘felt like their own little project,’ Undoubtedly, the four track EP is drawn akin by the quiet strength and softness we expect from Raveena, and separate themselves from the rest of Lucid by way of their beachy guitar strums and overarching sense of atmospheric exploration that’s more classically psychedelic. 


The result is, like her debut EP, Shanti, a well-rounded, boundary-pushing project that grants a wider glimpse into the scale of musicality she has the ability to keep exploring as her career continues to blossom.