Soulflower Raveena Gets Trippy with Psychedelic Visuals for Petal

 Evan Dale // Oct 9, 2019 

Raveena - Petal.jpg

Brooklyn soulflower, Raveena has made her presence felt in 2019, molding it into one defined by Neo-Soul softness, emotionality, and openness. Her debut LP, Lucid has been one of the more intriguing, unique, and influential projects of the year, guiding her listeners on a class in perseverance and overcoming through the path of positivity and the strength in femininity and soul. Ask anyone their favorite track taken from Lucid and the responses vary wildly, but everyone seems to have an affinity for the ghostly ambience of the album’s closing track, Petal.


Now, they can be immersed further in the experimental dream world of the track. Petal’s visuals are some of the more inventive and creative minutes of 2019 so far. In a single shot, Raveena lays on a bed of moss and flowers, painted Dr. Seuss-esque vivacity and pattern, turned even more attention-grabbing and encapsulating by aquamarine contacts, and is constantly in motion thanks to some very clever, very trippy video editing. It’s an incredibly complex shot set in motion by the simplicity and creativity we always expect from Raveena who is quickly becoming one of the most important names in R&B, Neo-Soul, and their stylistic role as a platform for acceptance and womanhood.