With a Gentle Delivery & Powerful Lyricism, Raveena is Stronger than Ever

 Evan Dale // May 14, 2019 

Raveena - Stronger.png

Velvety R&B’s favorite soulstress of feminine power and emotional evocativeness, Raveena has quickly risen the ranks as one of the most important vocalists in the neo-soul realm. Consistent in her prolificity, her auditory silk, and her continual growth as a person and a creative, each new single release brings with it a new version of Raveena’s artistry. Her latest is Stronger and it’s a sonically subdued, emotionally vibrant display of what may very well be Raveena’s greatest gift: balance.


The track is built on a floaty foundation of effervescent production, allowing for the gentleness in her delivery and the strength in her lyricism to find harmonized triangulation in the track. It’s difficult not to be taken away into thought and daydream when listening, and it seems like that’s kind of the point. Raveena, after all, has long made music to inspire emotion and thought, and Stronger is and upliftingly powerful track that make us feel confident in the fact that she is still headed to the top of music, for the betterment of us all.