A period of self-evaluation and personal reflection is an important part of life when on the cusp of major change, and as Nashville hip-hop artist, Reaux Marquez, continues his deserved rise up the hip-hop ranks, he makes a personally explorative offering for his fans and for himself with Grapevine. Written full of inwardly-posed questions, the track finds a meditative and philosophical quality only unearthed by the most poetic of songwriters. 


Marquez hones his style of emotional, clean, and calming vocals and lyricism that make his delivery reminiscent towards a unique blend of elements both Cudi and Kendrick. It’s also worth noting that the mellow track is entirely self-produced. But comparisons aside, there is something special and daringly original about Marquez and Grapevine that leave us excited, and thoughtfully so, for what the future may hold. 


Be on the lookout for his upcoming project, Fif, supposedly dropping soon.