Nashville's Reaux Marquez Aims to Make Statements with Pass Go

 Evan Dale // Aug 26, 2019 

Reaux Marquez - Pass Go.png

In every way that his lyricism stands fervent as an ode to hip-hop’s traditionalist pillars, so too does Reaux Marquez’s commitment to exploring meaningful paths in his music and accompanying visuals. The Nashville hip-hop artist is confident in his delivery; bold in his discourse. And the newest addition to his catalogue, Pass Go, falls right in line with the rest of his fierce canon. 


Under a signature black & white aesthetic, Reaux Marquez toting a megaphone in a Black Panther vest draws in tow and a squadron of equally late-60’s BPP figures. And akin to the film’s inspiration, its creative direction is not one of misplaced intimidation, rather one of thought-out statement. Perhaps statements is more apt. Here they are:


            Reaux Marquez is a lyrically dominant force. 


            Nashville hip-hop deserves far more recognition on a national and international scale.


            The social issues that drove the Black Panther Party to be organized in the first placed are still as prevalent today, and artists like Reaux Marquez stand as a different outlet for the movement’s modernity, sharing its past in balance. 


            It slaps.


As with his video premiere, last Summer’s Exhale, direction from Country Cousins bears a seamless blend of old and new where hip-hop and social exploration of the past and the present – especially pertaining to Nashville and the South – bring into light a new kind of music video for a new era of conscious hip-hop.