Stop playing with us, Rejjie. We’ve been under your spell since you released Rejovich in 2013 and though The Moon & You momentarily quenched our need for more of your music last year, the lead up to Dear Annie has been too much to bear. First, Milk & Honey, and now a four-song peep at the full project? It’s all been innovatively new age, respectably varied, and the long-awaited result of your talent, but it just leaves us wanting more.


With assumption from the tracks released which bring a wide range of energy and features all melting together in a style that only Rejjie Snow can bring, the full album is shaping up to be one of the most exciting projects of the year. It echoes of romance, breaths poetry, and boasts an enticing storyline revolving around love, lust, and loss, and manages it all while celebrating Snow’s unparalleled and completely unique talent.


It is everything anyone could ever want in a four-song lead-up release to a debut album years in the making, so for the love of God, just fucking give it to us already.