It’s been half a decade since Rejjie Snow first graced hip-hop with his presence. An ominous, mysterious, somewhat gothic sound filled our libraries and left us wondering what his future and the future of hip-hop had in store when his debut tape, Rejovich first broke ground on the Dublin scene in 2013. From there, he remained fittingly quiet with full silence in 2014 and only a handful of single releases in 2015 and 2016. It seemed that he had all but disappeared when in 2017, a full-length project of sorts, which for whatever reason was unworthy of the album banner, The Moon & You, gave us a taste of what we really craved – the true, debut album.


Well, today is our lucky day. I’m not going to type out some long-winded explanation of the album. I’m not going to dissect it. I’m not going to tell you what to make of it or to think of it. I’m simply going to leave it here and let the mastery of a debut project five years in the making let you construct your own conclusions.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Annie