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Rejjie Snow has a natural set of difficult to define, unique qualities that set him apart. A blunt, even-tone delivery that provides him his mysterious sound, lyrical prowess of top tier artists which he delivers off-kilter, and an ear for low-fidelity production all melt together to mark his vibe fitting of a haunted jazz bar. His 2017 album, The Moon & You, certainly caught a lot of attention, and with good reason. Littered from top to bottom with impressive bouts where Snow seems to be fighting his very self as an artist unable and unwilling to stay in one lane. Instead, he seamlessly jumps from one to another. Here, a fast-paced lyricist; there, relaxing vocals; everywhere, a storyteller with a bizarrely tantalizing way of crafting his music.


His latest single is no exception to Snow’s expected quality, but is a standout against his usual energy. It’s still a dark, grungy jam celebrating his individuality as an artist, but with Milk & Honey, the Dublin rapper seems to have dropped an absolute party banger. If this is any sign of a new element to expect in Rejjie Snow’s music, we’re certainly on board.

Listen to Milk & Honey here, and check out more from Rejjie Snow

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