Rema Continues Breakout 2019 with Unexpectedly Simple Visuals for Lady 

 Evan Dale // Nov 24, 2019 

Rema - Lady.jpg

Nigerian star on the rise, Rema has been having himself quite the 2019. A trio of debut EP’s, a barrage of guest spots, and a collection of videos including a feature for YouTube tastemakers, COLORS, Rema has had one of the most explosive emergences in memory. Both a testament to his prowess and to 2019’s mark as a year dedicated to the influential artists of the West African Cultural Renaissance, Rema is undeniably one of the names that needs to be mentioned in context.


His latest video, taken from his Bad Commando EP, is Lady, and per his own description, ‘the video showcases the beauty and elegance of a young Lady who [he] adore[s], as [he] remain captive to the thoughts of the moment [he] wish[es] to have with her. The lyrics of the song which are filled with adorations & aspirations are showcased in the expression of the thirst in [his] performance.’


Just like Rema says, the work is subtle and much more understated than the intensity in most of his visuals to this point, highlighting Rema as a much more wide-ranging force than he had already proven himself to be.