Reuben James Brings Insane Collaborative List in Tow for My Line 

 Evan Dale // Mar 22, 2020 

UK soul & Jazz modernist, Reuben James is a product of his environment. A multi-talented artist whose dominant direction is headed by piano and vocalism, he’s an image of modern transcendentalism. Reuben James carves out a unique sound not by utilizing one gift, but by exploring the coalescence of many. And towards him, he draws other experimental artists likewise driven by the nature of music in a post-genre moment. 


Shadowing the release of 2019 debut project, Adore, James is back with a huge collaborative effort, My Line. Vining upwards from an expectedly jazzy bed of Reuben James piano keys, silky sweet Soweto Kinch saxophone, and percussive elements by way of Vula, Reuben James himself, Col3trane, and Jay Prince line up line after line of poetically inclined, stylistically differentiated London verse. 


The outcome is one of the more intriguing, inventive, and altogether compositionally complex singles we’ve heard, conjuring memories of Peter CottonTale’s 2018 Forever Always that folded into the mix a relatably jealousy inducing cast of musical genius.