Rexx Life Raj Gets Honest & Emotional with Grey Clouds & Raindrops

 Evan Dale // Aug 9, 2019 

Rexx Life Raj - Grey Clouds & Raindrops.

Rexx life Raj is a prolific artist of wide creative range, where vocals and rap delivery flow effortlessly in and out of one another. Naturally, his releases – often and stylistically varied – have a tendency to lack one-directionality. The California multi-dimensionalist delivers a little something for everyone. And his latest, Grey Clouds and Raindrops speaks to the understanding, sensitive corner of modern hip-hop. Delivering with it a sung, emotive chorus of his own, his modernity in an era prizing artists with multiple creative pools, is without question. 


Another addition to a canon bubbling over with everything from relatability to humor, vocals to lyricism, party anthems to downtrodden explorations of self, Grey Clouds & Raindrops is further proof that Rexx Life Raj is one of the most transcendent figures in all of hip-hop, and that his unapologetic deliveries are a necessary reading of music’s greater pulse.