Rexx Life Raj & Kehlani Team Up for Subtle Acoustic Ballad, Your Way

 Evan Dale // Oct 28, 2019 

Rexx Life Raj - Your Way.jpg

Rexx Life Raj is the kind of prolific artist that can only exist piecemeal to the modern cloth when they own a wide-ranging stylistic makeup. Though a rapper first, his lane as a silky vocalist comfortable in exploring R&B and Neo-Soul make him a transcendent force of songwriting breadth. Naturally, his collaboration with Kehlani – whose name has also seemingly been everywhere of late – is nothing short of natural, fluid, and right. 


Definitely a stylistic verge from whichever of Rexx Life Raj’s funky take on non-specific hip-hop he chooses to explore on a given day, Your Way adheres much more closely to the R&B aesthetic of a Kehlani. Resting on acoustic foundations, Raj shines as a figment of vocal imperfection and courage merging with his never-failing ability to instill emotion and honesty into his penmanship. And hand-in-hand with the vocal purity of Kehlani, Your Way becomes a modern coalescence of R&B and hip-hop, not belonging to either, but evoking the sort of emotional response that’s impossible to avoid in both. 


As an artist who puts out as much music as just about any other, Your Way is a particularly well thought-out track that stands out as he continues to work towards a new project.