Experimental River Tiber is Poignant & On-Point with Taurus

 Evan Dale // May 23, 2019 

River Tiber - Taurus.png

The experimental, non-linear current that is River Tiber is yet to deliver something expected. There is always strong production value, echoey, emotional vocals, and often subtle instrumentation, but the rest of his floaty effervescence is rarely definable. His latest is Taurus, a delicate track of ambiguous poeticism and fittingly foggy, wide-ranging musicality – guitar, bass, synth, Rhodes, piano, violin – that is, above all else, four minutes of introspective emotionality in purely River Tiber form. Being one of the more experimental, ground-breaking, and underrated composers of the post-genre movement, he has made a habit of delivering form-fitting production and accompanying vocals for some of the most powerful artists of the moment, but when he chooses it to go it alone, nothing is lost.


Clarity and decisiveness are ever-present in his musicianship and almost eternally lapsed in his lyricism, and that balance, obvious in Taurus, is what sets him apart. Always looking for more from Tiber.