As if we needed another excuse to take a day of relaxation and meditation to ourselves, producer-lyricist duo, RoeShamBeaux has provided us the soundtrack for just such a personal indulgence. Aptly titled Spa Day but more likely to be situationally applied to smoke sessions and mellow kickbacks, the track comes to us just at the stroke of the weekend and just on the verge of summer, where its vibes will really shine. 


The sunny, bouncy production which comes from Mikey Sol's hand lays a framework impossible not to physically sync with, while Jay the Homie's verses provide the smooth, light-hearted yet heavy-minded balance seamlessly sliding in and out of the beat. 


But it's not simply a clinic on finding the unique and equal balance necessary for successful collaborations between producer and vocalist, at its purest, it's simply a good vibes anthem that all of us should add to our imminent warm weather playlists. 


So, whether today is the last day of your long week, the last day of a long term, or just another Friday, do yourself a favor, and give yourself what you deserve with Spa Day


Also, make sure to check out their other music, and be on the lookout for more RoeShamBeaux releases worthy of your summer vacay in the near future.