Mellow-Pop Songwriter, ROLE MODEL Reintroduces himself with hello

 Evan Dale // Oct 11, 2019 

ROLE MODEL - hello.jpg

Mellow-pop singer and songwriter, ROLE MODEL has had a beginning to his career defined by brash emotionally, uncanny relatability, and impressive prolificity. And the only sidestep of that pattern has been the gap between particularly downtempo and poignant single, minimal earlier in the year and new single, hello. The new track is definitely a change of pace from minimal’s acoustic and especially brokenhearted nature but is a further refinement of an aesthetic that’s becoming one of the most unique and sought-after in the still emerging Mellow-pop circuit. hello is of course still delineated by ROLE MODEL’s unavoidably poignant vocal delivery. A high register and penmanship sourced from struggle with love, lust, and loss brim ROLE MODEL’s music with a sort of sadness no matter what. But that’s where his magic lies.


hello is another sure-to-be hit from the young artist, further expanding his canon with modernist takes on classic songwriting for the next generation.