Struggling with the emotions that the dark realities of your love life have left you with, but unable to find the words to respectably express yourself? Just let ROLE MODEL, the 21-year-old designer of open and honest sonic self-exploration, do the talking for you. With breakout 2017 single, I don’t rly like u, and subsequent EP, ARIZONA IN THE SUMMER, he has had plenty of practice shaping his unique blend of simplistic lyricism and floaty vocals, while a consistency in production has left him with a sound drawn by muted guitar strokes and bouncy synths. 


For those looking for such a thing, there aren’t really any artists with which to accurately compare. Yet another bi-product of the mainstream’s quick departure from tradition, leaving the pillars of genrefication increasingly vacant, ROLE MODEL, seems at home where no one else has ever even considered going. 


Emotional evocative, boldly original, and maturely self-aware, his new single, not a fan, leads off where he left us as it dives deeper into the stories of the broken-hearted while balancing the mood with a sound that should soundtrack anyone who finds themselves on a beach in the wintertime.