Ron Obasi's 'Good Rapz ll' Video is Another Artsy Diary Entry for the Rapper 

 Evan Dale // July 10, 2020 

About a week removed from his last video, Mo’ Luxury directed by SECK, up-and-coming Nashville voice, Ron Obasi is back with his second visual from 2020 EP, Notes on a Scale ll, Good Rapz ll. Like its prior video, it ends up shot in Black & White, but that’s not where it starts. Instead, a slick fade of color in its early moments sets the stage for Good Rapz ll director, Halv, to unleash a number of intricate, expert transitions into the video, which, at first glance may seem unfittingly produced for the Nashville scene, but at second thought fit right in line for one of the globe’s most burgeoning, inventive current creative hubs.


Like Halv’s handywork, Ron Obasi is, too, an emerging master of his craft. As a rapper, he is intangibly effortless. His texture brims with a deep voice and a deeper train of thought. And with Good Rapz ll – our personal favorite from the Notes on a Scale project at large – a continuation of his artistic growth is on full exhibition, merging with a comfortable presence on screen.


Like his music, Ron Obasi’s video for Good Rapz ll shines a light on Nashville’s unending ability to do more with less, to maximize the minimum. Because even just strolling around the city in colorless frame, the video’s entirety explodes with vivacity, just as the track does with Obasi’s curated, never wasted wordplay.