Nashville's Resident Raspy Wordsmith, Ron Obasi Shares Lyrical 'Tribe Talk' 

 Evan Dale // Oct 6 2020 

Nashville’s resident raspy wordsmith, Ron Obasi is, like so many of his city’s fellow talents, a youngster with the musical prowess of a veteran. Seamlessly crafting lyrically endowed, yet mellow raps overtop a Nashville signature: instrumentally rooted, low fidelity production, Obasi has emerged through more than just Nashville, but through the hip-hop underground cloth at large, as one of the more unique, honed sounds of the last couple years. And per all of what’s expected from that delineation, Tribe Talk is another display of what is likely to come from Obasi as he releases more en route to something larger.


A jazzy bit of Marow production, a whole lot of vibrant wordplay from Obasi, and a smooth coalescence between their two aesthetics, Tribe Talk has the timeless kind of jazzy, lyrical edge that has made hip-hop music the most listenable, yet the most thought-provoking lane in music since the beginning.