A perfectly unique and seemingly mastered sound to be striven for best described as some sort of fine, imported auditory silk beautifully adorns the entirety of Rothstein's young canon. We've touched on his air of mystère personnelle before, but his artistic deliveries are so clean and pristine - even more so with each subsequent release - that his underlying sort of anonymity and limelight quietness only adds to the vibe he seems to be all about. 


That vibe - an emotional sort of creative sphere driven by bouncy production, laid-back vocals, and clever-as-hell lyricism - is pure artistry all his own. Though undoubtedly a styling often attempted, especially in the scene of a particular locale where a shortlist of fellow artists from PARTYNEXTDOOR to K. Forest possess a relatable approach, no one is yet to pull the sound together quite as fluidly as Rothstein.


His most recent single, A Million, is another advancement in iteration with his current congruency. Equally reminiscent of and daringly straying from each of his prior releases, his growth and simultaneously subtle changes in sonic texture and overall musicality are genially represented by each release's artwork. The illustrations which appear to be some sort of simplistic, animated take on cellular life (or just some aesthetic squiggles) are colored each their own, but share a common underlying set of linework, while each single release brings its own color and new take on Rothstein's sonic definition. Growing quickly and steadily with a consistent and unique draw from his creative roots is the path from which he seems not to stray. 


As far as A Million is concerned, we'll say what we've said with each track previous: it's his best work yet. At his rate of progression and consistent pace of releases, Rothstein is quickly building what may come to be the post-genrefication era’s next empirical wave, and the situational applications to which his indefinable sound can be applied may very well ensure that his sound becomes a phenomenon of global implication.


As for now, add A Million to your playlists for Summer, for smoking, for parties, for chillin', and your god damn collection of baby-makers, because it's the latest multifaceted hit in a stream of intrigue and perfection that you're going to be hearing everywhere soon.